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Covered Car Transport

Circuit2Circuit provide a comprehensive range of covered car transport delivered with exceptional service.

Any vehicle

Our knowledge and range of vehicles ensures we provide the most efficient transport method to suit your requirements. We aim to streamline your time and optimise your operation by taking care of everything from initial customer liaison and collection to final delivery. With Circuit2Circuit you’re in safe hands and our experience ensures a professional service every time.

We Have Got it Covered
All our vehicle movements are within covered car transports, ensuring your car is delivered discreetly, securely and is not at risk by any elements such as the weather or stonechips during the journey. Circuit2Circuit offer the right covered car transport for you; being a single movement trailer, doubles or with our 5 car artic, moving 5 vehicles at once - perfect for your whole team!

Our proven Motorsport backgrounds within F1, BTCC, Moto GP and sports cars etc guarantee that we can also accommodate your requirements outside the driving and presentation duties such as Tyre man, Garage Operatives etc. We truly understand the importance of correct personnel allocation.

Our Fleet

We have a wide variety of vehicles capable of transporting between 1 and 6 cars. For the urgent last minute one car transport we have a selection of covered car trailers available for Classic, Racing or personal road cars. We also have a fleet of Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base vans, which are constantly ready to move to any venue in Europe. All our vehicles are supplied with a fully experienced uniformed driver who will look after your vehicle as if it were his own.

Circuit2Circuit Car Transport Enquiry

There’s no denying the fact that classic cars need an awful lot of attention if they’re to stand the test of time and provide their owners with the best possible four-wheeled companion for shows.

Equally, you may just be a collector with one or several vehicles that you hold dear to your heart.

Wherever you sit on the spectrum of classic car enthusiasts, the Circuit2Circuit team knows how important it is for you to be able to rely on secure and safe transport whenever your vehicle needs to get somewhere.

We have a long, established history of transporting some of the rarest and most prized classic cars all around the world. There’s almost nowhere we haven’t travelled to ensure a classic car gets to its destination safely and in the exact condition in which it left.

If you have a classic car that needs to be taken somewhere, you can rely on us to do so safely. We have all the insurance required, a host of transport options and the best drivers in the business.

More importantly, we’ll treat your classic car like our own. We understand what it means to you and will, therefore, put all of our love and effort into transporting it safely and cost-effectively.

We transport cars for a variety of reasons. Some need to get to shows, others have been sold to people far away and some need to make the journey to a new home as part of a move.

Whatever the need for car transport, there’s no safer way to have it undertaken than via the Circuit2Circuit team and our fleet of covered car transporters.

If you want the safest, most cost-effective journey for your car, look no further. We know that your car means the world to you and that you want it to end up at its eventual destination in perfect condition.

We have a range of covered car transport options that are fully insured and capable of travelling the globe if required. We’ll take care of all the red tape for you and there’s virtually nowhere we can’t travel to.

More importantly, the Circuit2Circuit team is comprised of people who absolutely love cars. And that means, while your car is being transported with us, it couldn’t be in better hands. In fact, we’ll treat it as though we own it - and you won’t find better peace of mind than that anywhere else.

If you’re looking for covered car transport of the highest standard and from a team that genuinely cares, you need look no further.

Got a luxury car that needs to be transported somewhere? We’ve got you covered - literally.

The Circuit2Circuit team has a long history of transporting some of the world’s most expensive, exclusive and rare cars all around the globe. No distance is too far (or short) for us. It’s this desire to get cars literally anywhere on earth that sets us apart from the rest.

More importantly, we know how important your luxury car is to you. Simply throwing it onto the back of a car trailer isn’t enough - it needs to be in a safe, covered transporter that hides it from the elements and the more unscrupulous in society.

It also needs to be cared for by a team of people who love cars, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Circuit2Circuit. This is the best possible transport for your luxury car because we know what it means to you and we’ll treat it like our own while it’s in our possession.

We offer worldwide service, and that means we’ll remove all of the red tape and complications from your shoulders when it comes to transporting your luxury car abroad. It’s total peace of mind.

Equally, if it simply needs dropping around the corner or down one junction of the M1, you can count on us for shorter distances, too!

Have you got a motorbike that needs to be transported from A to B as safely and securely as possible? Then, look no further than the Circuit2Circuit team.

Our brilliant drivers will ensure your motorbike gets to its eventual destination on time and in the exact condition in which it left you. We’ll collect it from anywhere and deliver it, literally, anywhere you require.

We know how important your motorbike is to you, which is why, when it’s with us, we’ll treat it like we’d treat our own motorbikes. Our service is fully insured and features the latest vehicle transporters that are designed to travel safely, no matter the distance or terrain.

There are a number of reasons you might need motorbike transport. For instance, you may have sold your bike, moved house or need it taking to a show and don’t trust yourself to do so (don’t worry - that’s a common thing and admirable, if anything).

This is why so many people call on Circuit2Circuit time and again to transport their motorbikes to a variety of locations. And it’s why they come back for more whenever the need arises in the future.

Let’s get that motorbike to where it needs to be, safely! Get in touch with the Circuit2Circuit team today to find out more about our motorbike transport service.

We’re under no illusion that you have a number of options when it comes to transporting your luxury car, classic vehicle or motorbike. Equally, if you’ve sold your everyday car to someone far away, you have choices.

However, we’re confident you won’t find a more experienced, friendly or car-mad bunch of people than the team at Circuit2Circuit. There are many things that set us apart, but the fact we will always treat any vehicle or motorbike we transport as though it's our own is the key thing that brings customers back for more.

Our fleet is top of the range and we’re constantly adding to it and updating our transporters. We also take care of every single bit of red tape associated with transporting vehicles abroad for you (trust us - there’s lots of it).

No distance is too far or too near, either. In fact, there are very few places our drivers haven’t travelled to when delivering vehicles and motorbikes to their eventual destinations. The distance and terrain really isn’t a problem for the Circuit2Circuit team.

So, if you need car or motorbike transport that’s safe, insured and delivered with a heart, get in touch with our friendly team, today. You’ll be amazed by how cost-effective our service is.

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