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5 reasons to use car transportation

8 January 2018

When you own a car, there are occasionally instances where it needs to end up somewhere else - without you driving it.

This might seem a bit bonkers and counterintuitive for something that has four wheels itself, but investing in car transportation can be an incredibly smart thing to do under certain circumstances.

We think there are five common reasons you may want to use a car transportation company:

1. You’re a dealership

If you work for a car dealership and you have one car in particular that needs to be moved to another branch, driving it there is incredibly uneconomical.

Think about it - you’ll need to take another car along for the ride in order to get back, and that means double employee time, along with all of the fuel costs. Car transportation will instead get the car to the other dealership safely and cost effectively.

2. It’s a classic

Classic cars look fabulous, but they often present challenges when it comes to the business of driving them long distance.

If you have an old classic that isn’t particularly reliable on the open road or which is so valuable and low-mileage that you don’t want it to tread too much tarmac, transportation is vital.

As a classic car owner, there’s no feeling quite as comforting as the one you get from knowing that your precious motor is safely being transported to its destination.

3. You’re buying long distance

You’ve found the car you’ve been search for forever. It’s perfect; the right price, awesome condition and the exact engine you wanted.

Shame it’s at the other end of the country…

Not to worry! To save yourself the expense and hassle of a long train ride, a car transportation service can pick up your lovely new ride and deliver it - like a huge, gift wrapped present (almost) - directly onto your drive!

Buying long distance is made eminently easier if you can lean on the services of a firm to do the heavy lifting (literally).

4. You’re going on holiday

Got a long holiday planned? At least you have options with your car, while you’re away!

If you’d rather not leave it unattended on the drive or in the garage for an extended period of time, a car transportation company could take your motor and safely store it while you’re sunning yourself.

Talk about ultimate peace of mind!

5. You’re moving house

For car enthusiasts, there’s usually at least one other large item to transport safely to the new abode.

Alongside your dining room table, collection of pots and pans and other worldly belongings lies your car. And, as tempting as it might be to drive it there yourself, if it isn’t your main ride, it probably makes more sense to seek the services of a firm that can get it there for you safely and swiftly.

Wrapping up

Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, car transportation could become a lifesaver for you when it comes to moving your pride and joy or asset.

Never again will you have to assume there’s no choice but to drive it yourself!

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