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Safely transporting your car or motorbike this winter

15 December 2021




 Looking after any vehicle, whether that be a car or motorbike, becomes particularly tricky during the winter months. The harsher weather conditions and the abundance of ice, snow, sleet and rain means many of the on-road activities we love to enjoy in our treasured vehicles become off limits, particularly if you’re the proud owner of a motorbike or classic car.

Getting your car or motorbike from A to B presents another challenge for owners. But there is a way that you can safely and securely transport your vehicle, whatever the winter weather brings. In this blog post, we talk you through our covered car transport options and why it’s a service you can rely on, not just during winter but all year round.


What is covered car transport?

Covered car transport is exactly that! Using a selection of specially designed covered car trailers, we can expertly deliver your car to a destination of your choice, come rain, snow or shine.

It’s not just cars we transport here at Circuit2Circuit. Our covered car transport service can be used by owners of any vehicle to transport their motorbike, classic car, racing car, or personal road car anywhere in the world!


I want to transport multiple vehicles, is this possible?

In short, yes! Our covered car trailers can be used to transport up to 6 vehicles at any one time. This means that if you own multiple vehicles and want to transport them, we can help!


How does covered car transport work?

Using our covered car transport service is easy. All you have to do is contact us direct to discuss your transport requirements and our experienced team will take care of the rest.

We work with you to provide a service that saves you time and money, optimising operations whether you need us to transport a supercar or family heirloom to a new location, or deliver your racing cars, classic cars or racing motorbikes to a show, track or competition. Our team handles everything from customer liaison and logistics to collection and delivery.


Why should I use your covered transport service?

To keep journeys as safe as possible, even in the face of harsher winter weather conditions, our covered transport service is the best option.

We have years of experience transporting vehicles of all types all over the globe, and complete each and every journey with the care, safety, security and precision it deserves.

To find out more about our covered transport service or to book winter transport for your vehicle, please contact us today.


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