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The Last Land Rover Defender

30 October 2017

The Last Land Rover Defender

A brand new 16 plate Land Rover Defender that we collected today from a dealer. This is being stored by us with a mere 2.8 miles on it for a number of years as these sure surely to become collector’s items in many years to come.


News on the very last Land Rover Defender:
The last Defender — number 2,016,933 — has rolled off the production line at Solihull. Almost 70 years after the first model appeared in the aftermath of the second world war, the last Land Rover Defender has rolled off a production line in the West Midlands. The steel and aluminium vehicle has transported James Bond, Winston Churchill and various members of the royal family, for whom it is a fixture.

The Queen’s association with Land Rover dates back to 1951 when, as Princess Elizabeth, she stood in an open-top vehicle to present the King’s colour to the Royal Air Force at a parade in Hyde Park. She has been filmed and pictured driving Land Rovers on her estate many times since.

For now, however, let's bask in the minty glory of the Defender number 2,016,933 — a 90 Heritage Soft Top — surrounded by some 700 current and former Solihull employees, proud parents all. To the certain dismay of a legion of well-heeled hunters, horticulturalists and hipsters, this last Defender is not for sale; it's bound for the Jaguar Land Rover Collection.

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