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TopGear and Circuit2Circuit

30 October 2017

TopGear and Circuit2Circuit

The most expensive traffic jam in history.

Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear co-hosts take over the Mall with £200million of British cars. The problem with the amazingly outlandish stunts that the Top Gear TV car show has become famous for is that Clarkson, May and Hammond are constantly forced to go one better. Well, it looks like they’ve managed it yet again! The Top Gear presenters brought a corner of central London to a halt with a glittering traffic jam of the all-time greatest British cars which completely clogged-up the Mall. Circuit2Circuit were involved in the logistics of transporting a number of cars to the film shoot, with a strict arrival time of midnight on Saturday night, for filming on the Sunday morning. The program will be aired on BBC as part of a 'Best of British' feature.

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