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We now have more car storage space!

30 November 2018

A few weeks ago, our second car storage facility was built. And it’s just as amazing as the first!


Capable of holding sixty cars and many more motorbikes, it’s the result of months of tireless work on behalf of the team here and means we can now meet the growing demand for super-secure, climate controlled car storage.


This service works fantastically with our car transport service, enabling us to collect customer cars when they need to be stored for short or long term, before delivering them back once they’re ready to be reunited.


If you’re yet to invest in car storage, we’ve got a few reasons it’s one of the best decisions you’ll make for your classic car, weekend track day toy or precious family vehicle:

There’s nowhere more secure

If you store your car or motorbike in your own garage or on your drive while you’re away for long periods of time, opportunistic thieves might be too tempted not to simply walk past.


Both of our units benefit from round-the-clock security and we’ve invested significantly in the best alarm and camera systems to keep all of the vehicles we look after as safe as possible.

It’ll be kept in the best conditions

When storing cars and motorbikes, it’s vital you do so in conditions that ensure the paintwork and internal mechanical elements are not exposed to varying temperatures.


Our climate control system in both storage units means we can keep the buildings at a constant temperature that never fluctuates - there’s no better way to store a car in order to ensure it emerges fully fit for purpose after the storage period.

We’ll treat it like we own it

We’re incredibly passionate about cars, and the team will look after your car like it’s their own.


Leaving your car with anyone is a big deal, but that’s why customers come back to us time and again - they see how much we love cars and how precious we believe they are.


Trust us - you wouldn’t want to leave your car with anyone else!

It’s really affordable

We think car storage should be available to everyone, no matter the reason for having it stored in the first place. That’s why our prices start from just £35 per week.


We can do much more for your car while it’s with us, too, such as carry out MOTs, servicing and even paint correction if anything needs resolving.

We’re a friendly bunch!

The team here will give both yourself and your car the warmest of welcomes, and you’ll love the opportunity to take a look around our facility.


We have fun, too - that’s important. And on that note, here’s our very own Heather to tell you more about our second car storage unit, and demonstrate just how passionate we are about car storage:

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