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4 tips for long term car storage

30 June 2018

If you’re a petrolhead or simply love your car more than most other things in your life, the thought of hiding it away for long periods of the year will be gut-wrenching.


However, long term car storage is becoming a common and much relied upon way to keep vehicles safe, in their best health and away from the unscrupulous in society.


The reasons for opting for long term car storage can be numerous. You might be lucky enough to be going on a super long holiday, need to head abroad for several months for work or simply have no use for the car during the winter.


Whatever it is, there’s a few things you can do to ensure it remains in its best health during that storage period. Here’s our four favourite tips:

1. Change the oil and fill the tank

If you can, it’s actually worth getting a full service done before your car goes into long term storage, but if that’s a stretch too far, a simple oil change is a great idea.


By doing this (and replacing the filter), you’ll make sure old, dirty oil doesn’t rest for long periods - not good for any engine.


Leave the car with the tank full, too. This will stop moisture building up in the tank which could cause it to rust.

2. Fill the tyres with air

Tyres can be a real problem during long periods of storage if not properly maintained. Flat spots can develop if they’re not properly filled, so get to that pump!


Sometimes, jacking the car on jack stands during storage is a good idea, but not always necessary. Just make sure the PSI is where it should be!

3. Think battery

If your beloved motor is being stored for a significant period of time, the battery becomes one of the most important components to look after.


Sometimes, removing it entirely is a great idea (particularly if we’re talking many, many months of storage), but a healthy battery can be kept in just as good condition with a quick check before storage.


Look at the terminals - if they’re corroded, clean them with a mixture of distilled water, baking soda and petroleum jelly. You’ll also need to ensure it can be trickle charged while in storage, but there’s a simple solution for that, which brings us onto our last tip…

4. Pick the best storage location

Sure, you could store your car in your garage, but that’s probably not the best environment for it, long term.


Instead, why not use a professional car storage service? If they offer climate controlled storage, 24/7 security and trickle charging, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about.


There are few safer places on the planet for your car than in a fully managed car storage unit and while it will require a bit of investment on your behalf, it’s some of the best money you’ll spend if the vehicle means that much to you.

Wrapping up

If it’s time to say goodbye temporarily to your beloved four-wheeled companion, our tips above will ensure it’s fighting fit when the time comes to unearth it once more!

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