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The first 5 things to do when your new car arrives

18 May 2018

You’re so close to having your new car delivered you can almost smell that new car scent! And, when the big day arrives, you’ll be probably be more excited than a five-year-old in a sweet shop (even if your look cool and collected on the outside).


No matter how old we get, a new car is the ultimate toy that can be driven and enjoyed for many years to come.


Sure, you’ll doubtless have been fastidious with your research and chosen a model that offers you responsible MPG, is eco-friendly and sensible enough to transport the entire family, but it’s the purr of the engine and the feel of the new leather you’re looking forward to the most.


If you can wipe the grin off your face for long enough to read this, here’s our guide to the top 5 things you should do when your new car finally arrives:


1. Have a really good look at it

You’ll probably have a cursory glance before you take ownership of the keys, but do take the time to really look at the tyres, bodywork, paintwork and all the other shiny new exterior trim that’s freshly parked in front of you before driving away.


It’s important that you report anything you’re not happy with to the dealership as soon as possible.


2. Get connected

Most modern cars come with Bluetooth connectivity, music sync options and touch screens that replace the old-fashioned dashboards of old.


Whilst all of this may look super cool, you’ll need to spend some time setting things up.


Before you head out for the inaugural spin, set up your Bluetooth and connect your phone, set your radio stations or syncing facilities and be sure you know how to operate any bonus features like sat nav or automatic breakdown facilities.


3. Break it in slowly

You may have thought this was a bit of a myth, or only relevant to more gentle engines of days gone by, but there is some truth that driving your new car gently for the first 500 miles or so could help preserve the life of the engine.


Avoid the temptation to go bouncing off the rev-limiter in those first few hundred miles and you’ll reap the rewards later.


4. Consider car storage

Your new bundle of joy can’t just be kept anywhere, and if you don't have somewhere safe to keep it, consider booking space in a specialist car storage facility.


Leaving your car outside in all weathers can eventually be damaging to the exterior components, and parking it on busy streets can increase the risk of theft or damage.


Speak to an expert car storage company to see how they can take care of your new car when it’s not being used.


5. Enjoy it!

Let’s be honest, part of the unbridled joy of owning a new car is showing it off.


You may claim that you only purchased it because it runs on eco-friendly fuel or some other excuse, but deep down you know you got it because it looks and drives incredible!


Enjoy those first few days with your new car – they only get better!

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