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Why car transport?

27 August 2019

Many people are deciding to sell their vehicles online these days – mainly because the reach of their advertisement will extend much further than just their local newspaper or Autotrader.

But, how do you get it to where it needs to be if someone buys your car from further afield?

Keep reading to find out 5 reasons why car transport is a great idea if you’ve just sold your vehicle.

1. You need to transport your car a long distance

As we mentioned above, your car sale ad could potentially reach a nation-wide audience, and you might need to travel a few hours to get your car to its new owner.

Rather than drive the car there yourself, (and somehow work your way back) why not hire a car transport service to go the extra mile for you – literally?

2. You want to make sure it arrives in one piece

No one wants the car they’ve just bought to arrive damaged, and it could even impact you getting your well-deserved cash from the sale.

So, why not ensure your car arrives at its new home in one piece by organising car transport to get it there safely?

Circuit2Circuit offers a range of covered transport options to ensure that your car gets transported safely, with protection from damage and the elements.

3. You look like a more professional seller

We believe that giving your potential buyers the ‘dealership experience’ makes the purchase of your car that little bit more appealing.

Not only will you provide your buyer with a convenient way to get their new car, but you’ll also stand out as a professional seller which will attract more potential buyers.

With a professional and experienced door-to-door service, and countless years spent transporting a wide range of cars - including classic, prestige and racing cars - Circuit2Circuit is the perfect choice for transporting your vehicle to its new owners.

4. It saves you and your buyer LOADS of hassle

Using car transport is a great idea if you and the buyer are looking to save time.

Is your buyer feeling impatient and wants to collect the car at an inconvenient time for you? Or do you just want to save yourself the hassle of driving it to them yourself? Whatever the reason, we understand how precious your time is, so save yourself any hassle and nuisance by hiring a transport service to take care of it for you.

5. You’ve sold a luxury or prestige vehicle

If you’ve just sold a luxury or prestige vehicle, then car transport is definitely a great idea going forward with your sale. Although you are unlikely to encounter any issues, it’s always good to be on the safe side, especially when expensive and valuable cars are involved.

Not only will you need to take extra care with transporting your luxury vehicle in terms of damage, but if the car is particularly valuable, then you might want to consider covered car transportation to better protect it from thieves and naughty by-passers.

Wrapping up

As we’ve shown you here, there are many reasons why you should consider using car transport to get your vehicle to its new home.

Contact us at Circuit2Circuit to find out more about the range of car transport options available.

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