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Classic Car Transport in the UK

31 July 2019

We know how important classic cars are to their collectors, and we also know the dangers of not taking good care of a car, whether that’s during its usage, storage or transportation.

Using a specialised classic car transportation service is always going to be your best bet to ensure nothing goes wrong during transit.

Here’s a list of things you risk by not using classic car transport in the UK.

1. You could damage your classic car

A key reason most people consider classic car transport is fear of damage if they transport it themselves through the UK.

You might be a classic car enthusiast and know how to take care of your car, but if you’re unsure about having the vital tools and skills needed to safely transport your pride and joy, then you risk damaging your classic car.

Most car transportation services offer a range of vehicles in their fleet, many that are covered vehicles with plenty of space, so your car will not sustain any damage during the journey.

2. You risk your classic car being stolen

An obvious thing that could happen if you don’t use classic car transport in the UK is theft.

At Circuit to Circuit, we are fully insured when it comes to not only damage but theft. Our covered vehicles also help protect your vehicle from passers-by who may be looking to steal your priceless classic car, and we take all of that into consideration in our company ethos.

3. Don’t rack up those miles

Chances are, you may not even drive your classic car on a regular basis, if at all. You may only take your classic car to events, showcasing the car in its pristine state. Maybe you limit driving time to reduce wear and tear on original parts. Therefore, you should use transportation to get your car to your desired location.

If you don’t use classic car transport for your vehicle, you won’t reap the benefits of having a professional on and off-loading service that safely gets your vehicle to its destination without adding on the miles.

4. You risk wasting more time

Another thing that could happen without choosing classic car transport is the risk of wasting time or not arriving at your destination at the time you need to.

We have good relationships with race tracks, car manufactures, classic car clubs and enthusiasts, which means we keep up with most major UK events.

With classic car transport, not only do you get your vehicle transported with no hassle, but we also ensure that we arrive at the destination of your choice at the time you specify.

So if you need to transport your car to an event, auction, or anything else with a start-time, we aim to be there bang on schedule.

Wrapping up

Chances are, if you own a classic car then you have already considered the benefits of classic car transport. While it might seem like an extra expense, there are a number of things you risk happening if you don’t choose to use classic car transport.

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to safety, theft, damage, and making sure your beloved classic car stays in tip-top shape.

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