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Caring for your classic car

18 April 2019

Every car enthusiast wants to care for their car. However, a classic car needs that little extra care and there may be some techniques that are required to keep your car in tip-top shape that haven’t crossed your mind.

Here’s 5 ways to care for your classic car that you may not have thought of.

1. Use professional storage when required

Sometimes, you might not be able to give your classic car all of the care and attention it needs. That’s where professional car storage comes in!

During the colder months where you don’t think you will drive your classic car so often, you should use professional storage to ensure your classic car doesn’t sustain any damage or unwanted attention from thieves.

Many storage packages can also help with general maintenance and essential roadworthiness work during the storage period.

2. Car covers

You should always use a car cover to protect your classic car. Car covers are designed to protect your car from direct sunlight, which has been known cause the paintwork to fade.

Investing in a breathable, lined car cover can also help protect your classic car from damage caused by other people, animals and the elements!

3. Use professional transport when required

If you’re taking your classic car to an event, or just generally need to transport it from A to B, then you should consider using professional transport.

Hiring a professional transportation company that specialises in luxury vehicle movements will not only ensure your car arrives with no damage or chips, but the discreet service will mean that no unwanted attention will be paid to your car during transit.

4. Rubber, filters and other maintenances

Most people remember to regularly change the oil, but you may not have thought of replacing other fluid containers and rubber seals that may be the cause of long-term damage to your classic car.

Decades after it came off the production line, even with the best care, rubber door and window seals can perish. With this in mind, imagine how seals for container lids - especially when in contact with fluids - can fare. We will check these for you.

5. Drive your classic car

OK, as a classic car owner, we hope you’ve already thought of this one!

But more often than not we hear stories of people who are actually scared to drive their classic car because they are concerned about damage to their precious vehicle.

While we all have that fear, in actual fact, you could be doing your car more damage than good by leaving it undriven for extended periods of time.

So, don’t neglect your car through a lack of use; get out there and take your baby for a spin!

Wrapping up

If your classic car is particularly expensive or rare, you will want to do all it takes to care for your pride and joy.

By following the above tips, you will be going above and beyond to make sure your classic car stays in pristine condition and lasts for many more years to come.

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