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Private sales and car transport

27 March 2019

When the time comes to privately sell or purchase a car, you may not think of a car transport service as a necessary part of the process. There are, however, many reasons why you should start considering car transport when that sale goes through.

Whether you’re the buyer or seller of a car, here’s why car transport goes hand-in-hand with a private sale.

1. Dealership experience from a private sale

Make a private sale more appealing to those who are used to a dealership by offering them a door-to-door transport service when they purchase your car from you.

Not only could this speed up the sale by providing greater appeal to potential buyers, but your buyer will know that you feel a duty of care to the vehicle and the condition in which it will arrive on their driveway, providing greater trust and buyer satisfaction during the purchasing process.

Plus, it’ll make you feel all lovely and warm inside.

2. You can cover a wider radius

When you go to sell your car (and this is often relatable to those of you who are selling a classic or luxury car), the radius and reach of your sale may be limited due to your location, and therefore, it may take you longer to make the sale.

For any sale, you want the fastest, most convenient experience so you can get your cash quickly.

Offering car transport to any location in the UK (and even Europe if you wanted) allows you to reach out to buyers all over the country, making it much easier to make a speedy sale.

3. Time-saving for the buyer and seller

Hiring car transport to deliver the car during a private sale creates a hassle-free experience for both the buyer and seller. And don’t we all want an easier life sometimes?

You won’t need to travel any distance or take any more time out of your day to ensure that your car is delivered safely to the buyer; and likewise as the seller, you won’t need to use public transportation or ask anyone for help picking up the car. It’s a convenient, door-to-door service for you both!

4. Safe transportation from buyer to seller

Booking car transport for your car’s private sale will ensure that the vehicle will be safely transported from the buyer’s location to the seller.

This means that you know the car will be transported to the seller in the exact condition it was in when you waved goodbye to it. This will subsequently prevent any issues with damage during the journey to the new car owner.

At Circuit2Circuit, we’re regularly responsible for the transport of a variety of different cars, including classics, supercars and luxury cars. Therefore, it’s our top priority to ensure that all cars in our care are transported safely and unscathed.

Wrapping up

Selling a car privately can be a stressful, long endured experience. Take any extra stress out of selling your car by providing car transport service with the sale!

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