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Car storage and transport - a match made in heaven

29 August 2018

There are lots of reasons people store their cars with a professional storage company.


Long holidays and overseas work are common examples, but it’s just as common for petrolheads to store their pride and joy during out-of-season or when it simply isn’t going to be driven for a while.


The tricky part is usually when it comes to getting the car to the car storage facility. After all, you need to either drive it there or have it collected, and both can be time-consuming and expensive.


Thankfully, there’s a way that’s far more efficient and cost-effective, and that’s to find a company (ahem!) that provides both car storage and transportation.


There’s so many reasons this is a brilliant idea, but here’s our favourites:

You only have one company to call

Imagine having to arrange the logistics between two companies; one that’s collecting and delivering your car, and the other that’s storing it.


Unless they work together on a regular basis, it’ll probably fall on your shoulders to do the ringing around and arranging dates. And have you got time for that? Probably not. Also, what if they simply don’t see eye-to-eye?


With one company performing both tasks, you only have one telephone number and one person to arrange everything with. Bliss!

If you feel the urge, you won’t have to wait

Sometimes, cars that are in long-term storage get a brief bit of respite when the owner wants them back for a short period.


If you’re dealing with a company that can store and deliver your can and you feel the urge to hit the track one weekend short notice, you’ll have a far easier time of arranging the delivery to and from the storage facility!

It’s ultimately safe for your motor

This one might be the biggest benefit of the lot.


If you have one company dealing with the transport and storage of your precious car, it’ll be the same team that collects and stores it. That means they don’t have to hand the keys over to someone else, and they’ll doubtless be very experienced at the routine.


Clearly, there’s a reason businesses combine car storage and transportation. It’s a solid bet they’ll be as passionate as you are about cars and therefore will treat your motor as if it was there own.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than this

It really doesn’t! Just think about the huge amount of time you’ll save arranging separate transportation and storage for your car.


This is a stressful thing to do at the best of times, so it makes sense to opt for a solution which demands the least amount of your time but delivers the highest degree of peace of mind.

An end-to-end service

At some point, you’ll want your car back, and if the same company is collecting and storing it, the return journey will be just as straightforward.


Car storage should be as simple as pie, and an end-to-end service is the best way to ensure that your car leaves and returns in the exact same condition in which it left your home.


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