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Why covered car transport is vital

30 September 2018

If you need to move your car from one location to another without driving it, there’s really only one way to do so - via covered car transport.


You might have a classic, rare or sports car that isn’t just made for driving from A to B, or you may have sold a car to someone a fair distance away. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to ensure the vehicle ends up at its final destination safely and in one-hundred percent the condition it departed.


This is why covered car transport has become so popular of late, but if you need some further convincing, here’s four reasons it’ll be one of the best investments you make for your beloved vehicle.

1. Maximum privacy

Some cars are so rare, precious or valuable that their owners quite rightly want to keep them out of sight unless being driven.


With covered car transport, the car enjoys ultimate privacy and is entirely shrouded from view, no matter where the transport team take it.


Enclosed transportation gives you ultimate peace of mind that not a single nefarious person could be tempted to do the absolutely worst thing possible if they spot your car being transported somewhere.

2. A healthy climate

Certain cars (in particular, classics) don’t fare well when it comes to changes in temperature and humidity. This can make transporting them challenging - unless you choose the covered route.


To avoid problems relating to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at your car during the journey, a covered transporter will ensure it offers the best possible protection and a more consistent climate.

3. Protection from the road

Roads contains all manner of things that can be inadvertently kicked up by a vehicle’s tyres and thrown the way of your car while its being transported.


The last thing you’ll want during that journey is for it to be pelted by stones, and with covered car transport, the transporter itself will act as a protective shield for anything that might damage your car’s paintwork.

4. Weather proofing

Although similar to the climate-control benefits, the weather proofing offered by a covered car transport service deserves special mention on this list.


Snow, rain, sleet or intense sun are just some of the types of weather that can cause significant harm to cars as they’re being transported.


It doesn’t matter the age of your car, either - rusting and oxidisation are ever-present dangers, and can have a seriously bad impact on the health of your motor. Thankfully, a covered car transporter will completely shield your car from any form of weather when it’s either in transit or stationary.

Wrapping up

Covered car transport is hands-down the best way to move your classic car, weekend race weapon or rare supercar from A to B.


As you’ll note above, the benefits are significant, but we’ve only scratched the surface in truth; the best way to find out how great covered car transport can be is to book it for yourself!

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