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How to prepare your car for transportation

19 February 2018

So, you’ve booked your car transportation, and you’re getting ready to say “goodbye” to your pride and joy, but how can you ensure it’s ready for the journey?

We think there are six simple steps you can take to prepare your car for a long, covered journey, be it a short distance down the motorway or somewhere more far-flung:

1. Give it a good clean

Before you bid farewell, give your motor a good clean. It might feel odd to be doing so before it simply goes into a covered car transporter, but a clean car is a healthy car.

Give it a thorough clean both inside and out to remove any potentially harmful dirt that might cause havoc with the paintwork in transit or storage (if that’s where it’s headed).

2. Remove all valuables

Pick a reputable car transportation company, and you won’t have to worry about stuff going missing from your car, but it still makes sense to remove any valuables you might have stored away in the glove compartment or door pockets.

Why? Well, you wouldn’t post your wallet to a foreign country, would you?

3. Secure or remove loos parts

If there are parts of the vehicle’s exterior or interior that are removable or loose, make sure you take them off or at least secure them.

Things like radio antennas are best removed and stored safely in the boot, and if you have custom body parts that might prove tricky to transport, consider removing them (or at least speak to the company doing the transportation to ensure they’re happy with them still on!).

4. Perform a quick maintenance check

It’s always good practice before transportation to give your car a mini MOT.

Check and top up all fluids, make sure the battery is fully changed, inflate tyres properly and make a note of any mechanical issues before informing the transpiration company of what they are.

5. Empty the tank

Fuel adds unnecessary weight to your vehicle, so be sure to drain it before transportation.

The good news? That means you can take it out for a few more blasts than you would normally! There really is no better way to run down the petrol gauge, after all…

6. Remember to keep hold of the spare set of keys

Providing you have two keys for the car, make sure you keep one on your person.

Depending on the eventual destination for the vehicle, you might need it, and the transportation company will certainly need one!

Wrapping up

That’s it! Simple, eh? Preparing your car for transportation - no matter how far or where it’s headed to - doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’ll leave you with ultimate peace of mind.

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