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Missing Your Pride and Joy?

9 March 2018

Parting with your car can be such sweet sorrow.

Whether you're trading her in for a new and improved model, or just sending your pride and joy somewhere to be fixed or stored for a period of time, losing your precious ride can feel a bit like losing a limb.

But fear not fellow petrol heads, for there are ways to make the most of the time spent apart from your beloved motor vehicle:

1. Surprise your car with a new addition

Could it be time to add a new addition to the family? While your car is being cared for by somebody else, you could be browsing the For-Sale ads for a new baby brother or sister to complete your collection.

If you have a passion for cars, you will always be on the lookout for your next purchase. Our love is fickle at best, and sometimes cruel, as we continually seek out older, rarer, faster models until we have owned every car we have ever dreamed of.

Remember that while your car is away from home, it's not really cheating by looking at your next or additional purchase - it's more like looking for a way to grow your family.

2. Feather the nest

Our much-loved motors live in garages that are often homelier than our own homes! With it being empty for a short period of time, why not take this opportunity to ensure that you garage space is up to scratch?

Your garage should be just right; not too big and not too small, and perfectly fitted out to keep your car in tip top condition.

Ensure that you garage is well ventilated and protected against damp which will help to prevent rust and condensation setting in.

Give your floor a smooth, soft finish with a specialist garage floor paint, and the walls a once over with moisture resistant paint to help keep the demon damp at bay.

Finally, invest in a breathable car cover with a soft interior lining that will not only keep your car cosy during the winter, but also protect against paintwork or interior fading if strong sunlight passes through any windows in the garage.

3. Pay homage to your much-missed motor

It's perfectly OK to miss your car. The smell of the leather, the power under foot and even just the way it looks on your driveway are all part of your car's allure, and its absence will most definitely be felt.

So, why not do something nice to keep all those memories alive? If you're proper petrol head, you will no doubt have many happy snaps of your beloved motor on your phone or already printed.

Go grab yourself a frame and put your picture in pride of place. The wife and kids may think you're a little obsessed, but actually, it's a great way to remind yourself of all the hard work that went into purchasing the perfect car in the first place.

However you while away the hours when separated from your much-loved motor, you can always rest assured that it is in safe hands with the team at Circuit2Circuit. Professional car transportation and storage is what we do best, and we treat every single vehicle as if it was our own.

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