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How to say goodbye to your car

23 January 2019

The time has nearly come; you’ve sold your car and it’s just days until the new owner will receive it. You’ve agreed a price, booked the car transport to get it there (it’s valuable, after all, and you don’t want it to get damaged in transit) and now it’s just a waiting game.

If you’re particularly close to your car, saying goodbye is rather difficult. Whether you’ve sold it to upgrade, save money or because you can’t justify keeping it any longer, the day when you watch it taken from your grasp is hard.

That is, unless you say goodbye properly with the following tips:

Take it for one last drive

Providing the new owner is happy for you to do so (it might be best to run it by them), why not take your car for one last drive along the most enjoyable route you know nearby?

Pick a day when the sun is shining and when you feel upbeat, and it’ll be the perfect final drive for you and your motor. Just remember to soundtrack it with your favourite playlist, too!

Take loads of photos

Chances are, you’ve already got a tonne of photos of your car, but you can never have too many.

With that in mind, spend a good amount of time snapping it from every angle and save the photos somewhere safe.

Better still, if you know someone who’s handy with a proper camera or don’t mind splashing out on a professional photographer, you could get some really special shots done to remember it by!

Record a video testimonial

Smartphone in hand, record some footage of the car resting on your drive or in your garage.

Walk around it, get inside and capture as much of what makes it special as possible. If you’re feeling brave, you could even do a little ‘to-camera’ piece where you explain what the motor means to you.

Just like the photos, you may only ever watch this footage yourself, but having captured the car in video from, you’ll have something tangible to cling onto once it’s gone.

Give it a full clean and polish

This is sometimes a bit of a double-edged sword, because bringing your car back to its showroom-best can only make departing with it harder.

However, try and see past that and view that final clean and polish as a little treat for both the car and its soon-to-be former owner. You both deserve it.

Fix the one thing you’ve been putting off

Just like the wash and polish, fixing something that you’ve been putting off for ages is a great way to bid farewell to your car.

Providing it isn’t particularly expensive and can be undertaken by your own fair hands, that little thing that has been broken for far too long can be mended as a way of saying goodbye. Trust us - you’ll feel better afterwards.

We hope this helped…

Just like you, every member of the team at Circuit2Circuit is a car nut, and while the process of saying “goodbye” to a car might seem odd to those without petrol running through their veins, for us, it means everything.

We hope this has helped you plan the best send off for your car. And, anyway, just imagine what cars you’ll own in the future!

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