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In and out of the RAC Club

6 March 2019

We travel to all manner of locations to both collect and drop off vehicles of all shapes and sizes. However, we visit some locations more than others, and that's certainly the case when it comes to the RAC Club in Pall Mall, London.

Our job is to safely deliver a car (usually of the indy or F1 car variety) to the plush club, and we have to do so incredibly early to ensure it's in situ and ready for the day's visitors. This means an early start for the Circuit2Circuit team (something they're akin to, thankfully) and a swift but safe trip down the M1 to the capital.

We undertook this very journey a week ago, before returning a week later to collect the car. During the drop-off, one of our team members decided to take some photos to demonstrate the lengths we go to when ensuring the safe delivery of a high value vehicle (and, of course, any vehicle that we're asked to transport).

With the Penske indy car you can see in the photos below, we had to remove the wheels in order to rest it on a wooden frame. This frame then enabled the team to push the car up a ramp and into the RAC Club before putting the wheels back on once it reached its final destination inside the building.

In order to get it up the stairs, ramps needed to be put in place... and the revolving doors removed. Not an easy task, as we're sure you'd appreciate, but one that we took on and completed with the same determination we apply to every job.

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