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Winter covered car transport

19 November 2019

Car transportation is a great service when it comes to getting your vehicle safely from A to B. With a range of car transportation services available, you might not know which option is best for you during the winter.

Whether you are buying, selling, or taking your pride and job to a showcasing event, here are just four reasons why you should always choose covered car transport in the winter.

1. Protection against bad weather

The top reason why you should choose covered car transport this winter is for better protection against the weather. Snow, ice and heavy rain can cause damage or impose a risk to you on the road.

Although we recommend covered car transport all year round, the winter can be an especially risky time of the year to attempt to transport a vehicle, and you risk causing unnecessary damage to your pride and joy in the process.

2. Dropping temperatures

It’s not just the snow and rain that could cause damage, exposing your car to the cold can cause problems - hence why we recommend covered car transport during the winter!

If you happen to own a classic car, the sub-zero temperatures could impact your car by thickening transmission fluid, oil, or antifreeze which could cause lasting damage when starting up your engine from cold.

3. Keep your car away from prying eyes

The winter can also be the most opportunistic of times for thieves. With the financial pressure of Christmas upon us all, your classic vehicle might be the ticket to someone else’s festive dreams this winter!

Choosing covered car transport will ensure your vehicle is protected from any prying eyes for the duration of its journey, ensuring that it arrives safely at its destination. Not only that, but car transportation companies will offer full insurance - just for that extra peace of mind.

4. No other road risks

For whatever reason you need your car transporting this winter, you’ll want to make sure it arrives in one piece and reduce any other risks associated with being on the road. Take the hassle out of the job and book yourself some covered car transport!

The last thing you want is grit, potholes and, especially on those frosty days, road salt damaging your car’s underbody, paintwork or windscreen! With covered car transport, your car is in safe, professional and dedicated hands.

5. You won’t rack up those miles!

Instead of racking up those miles that could see your car decline in value, protect your investment by choosing covered car transport!

If your car is particularly valuable, of the classic or sport variety, then covered car transport will preserve the engine and keep that mileage count down!

Wrapping up

Covered car transport is a good option all year round, but it’s especially vital during the winter that you choose covered car transport to get your vehicle safely to where it needs to be.

Contact us at Circuit to Circuit for more information on our range of fleet and to get a quote on transporting your pride and joy this winter!

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