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Why you might need to transport your electric car

16 January 2020

Sales of electric cars are on the increase as the world becomes more environmentally conscious and technologically advanced.

For whatever reason, you might need to move your electric car a long distance, and we’d always recommend car transport for this type of job.

Here are 6 reasons why you might need to transport your electric car.

1. The safest journey for your car

Covered car transport will always be the safest journey for any vehicle, including your electric car!

At Circuit to Circuit, we have years of experience providing car transport for a wide variety of vehicles and have perfected our services to cater to any car transportation needs.

And we don’t just transport prestige or classic cars! We provide car transportation for any vehicles and can accommodate a large fleet if necessary. We are dedicated to ensuring that your car arrives safely at your destination of choice, making your life easier and removing any unnecessary risks!

2. Moving house

Moving house can be stressful without the hassle of wondering how you’ll get all of your belongings to your new home. If you have one, or multiple electric cars, then you might want to consider car storage.

Likewise, if you’re thinking of self-driving a removal van to your new home, you may not be available to drive it yourself. For this problem, car transport is a perfect solution to ensure your electric car arrives at your new home safely.

3. Picking it up

If you’re picking up a new or used electric car, you might want to save yourself the hassle and organise car transportation service instead.

Depending on the distance and free time available to you, car transport might be the best option if you want to collect your new electric car without having to rely on someone else or public transport to take you there.

4. Selling up

If you’re thinking about selling your electric car, then you should definitely consider car transportation as part of the sale.

You’re far more likely to receive a greater interest in your electric car, and provide a greater distance reach if you offer car transportation with the sale of your car.

You can also rest assured that during transit, your electric car will be safe from harm or damage which could impact the condition of the car along the way. We’ll ensure you complete that sale.

5. Transporting worldwide

You might also be considering taking or even selling your electric car in Europe or another worldwide destination. If that’s the case, then car transport should be something you consider.

With Brexit policies impacting our relationship with the European Union, you should always consider professional car transport specialists who are experienced and legally obliged to keep up to date with new and upcoming regulations.

For both ease and peace of mind, choose car transport if you’re thinking of taking your car out of the UK.

6. Running out of juice

In the unlikely event that your electric car runs out of juice, you may need to consider car transport to help with your car breakdown.

We’ll ensure your car is picked up and taken to be charged up so it can be back on the road again in no time!

Wrapping up

There are many reasons why you might need car transport for your electric guitar, and here we have highlighted only a few.

For any of your car transportation needs, wherever you are, consider us at Circuit to Circuit to carry that job out for you. Contact us today for more information.

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