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How to choose a weekend sports car

28 March 2018

If you live for the weekends and love to drive, it could be time to invest in something special for track days and holidays.

Weekend sports cars have been the provision of the middle classes for many years, and you too could be the proud owner of something sporty that’s tucked away while you work, ready to unleash your inner racing driver when the working week is over.

Here’s how to find the perfect weekend weapon for cruising down country lanes or for track days with fellow enthusiasts:

1. Set a budget - and stick to it

It can be easy to get carried away when buying a new car. Sports cars are shiny and fun, and dealers are ready to up-sell with promises of low cost finance and great sounding deals.

But, be wary.

A weekend sports car will not be your main form of transport and if it costs you an arm and a leg, you’ll end up resenting instead of enjoying it.

Set a budget and consider all the additional costs. Sports cars will be more expensive to insure, tax and fuel than your family hatchback, so add up all the costs before committing to buy.

2. Choose a popular car

By this, we mean find a sports car that isn’t faddish or rare. That way, you can blast around the track safe in the knowledge that should you suffer a dent or a ding, you’ll be able to source replacement parts easily enough.

Choosing a popular model will also help achieve a decent price should you choose to sell it on. BMW’s, Audis, Porsches and Mercedes all fetch good money second hand and there are plenty of potential buyers ready to hand over their hard-earned cash.

Don’t be concerned if you turn up at a track day full of used BMWs; it doesn't mean that you have become some kind of sports car sheep - it just means you have joined an exclusive gang of fast car enthusiasts who know quality when they see it.

3. Try before you buy

You can read reviews all day long, but at the end of the day, one man’s dream car may not be yours.

Don’t just assume that a supercharged Audi, for example, is the car for you. The way it handles and performs may look great on paper, but you may think different when you get behind the wheel.

Always test drive any car you’re thinking or purchasing. While boot size and ISOFIX attachments will not be a priority in this instance, handling, torque and speed will be.

Tell the dealer or seller that you want to give it a good run before you consider purchasing.

4. Go to a track day

If you’re thinking of buying a sports car for track days, this is a great place to start looking for your weekend sports car.

Fellow enthusiasts will be all too willing to talk about their favourite cars, and which ones to avoid - as well as giving you the opportunity to see which models perform best.

Driver experience days are also a good introduction to certain types of racing cars. You can book a day that will allow you drive BMWs, Porches and many other types of sports car, and in return get a good feel as to which motor best suits you.

5. Don’t buy a dog

Any premium sports car in good nick will raise a smile when you throw it round the corners, but if it’s been enjoyed a little too much in the past, it could end up being a royal headache for you.

Don’t get blinded by beauty or an impressive spec sheet - be as adamant about seeing service history, MOTs and other documentation as you would when buying a family car.

High performance engines need to be well maintained to perform well and are more susceptible to failure if neglected. Although you may want the car you’re viewing to be your pride and joy, you need to make sure the previous owner felt the same way, too.

Once you have found the perfect weekend sports car, the professionals at Circuit2Circuit can provide the right covered car transport to deliver it to you. Want to keep it out of sight? Circuit2Circuit offer secure and flexible car storage options, too!

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