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Supercar car storage: why?

15 April 2018

Your supercar is your pride and joy and you love and care for it as if it were a member of the family.


The car you always dreamed of owning will not only bring a smile to your face every time you take it out, it’s also an investment that offers far superior design and performance.


This is why you’ll want to ensure your car is always well looked after and never at risk from unnecessary damage or wear and tear.


You may well be enjoying the celebrity status your car brings, but if you don’t take steps to keep it well protected, you may fast feel far less rock and roll once she’s damaged, stolen or broken.


Storing your car in a specially designed storage facility will help keep it protected at all times, giving you many more years of grin-inducing, open road cruising!


Secure storage for your supercar


If you think you don't really need to worry about where you keep your pride and joy, here are a few really good reasons why you should consider a secure car storage facility:


1. Protection from the elements

Leaving your car outside in the open may give you plenty of opportunities to admire it, but it also leaves it open to the vagaries of the Great British weather.


Cold weather can cause damage to the engine and coolant systems, whilst hot sunny days can cause delicate paint work to fade.


2. Protection from theft

Supercars draw a lot of attention.


While this can be great if you want to turn heads on the road, a supercar parked outside your home is also a beacon for would be thieves and criminals.


Your supercar may well have state-of-the-art alarms and trackers fitted, but sadly these are not always an effective deterrent for professional car thieves.


3. Protection from damage

Whether your car is parked in a private car park or on the road, there’s always the risk of damage from other road users or pedestrians.


Having your car securely tucked away means it will be kept safe from those who maybe aren't as competent on the road as you are.


4. Protect the value

It’s well known that cars which are regularly serviced by main dealers hold their value better than those that are sent to back street mechanics (not that there’s anything wrong with those guys!).


How your car has been stored during its ownership is also an important factor when it comes to resale values. Telling potential buyers that the car has been kept in quality storage demonstrates just how well loved and looked after it has been whilst in your care.


5. Protect your insurance premiums

Let’s face it, insuring a supercar is never going to be cheap, but advising your insurance company that it’s regularly stored somewhere safe and fully protected should go in your favour when it comes to reducing premiums.


Wrapping up

Still think you can get away without secure storage for your supercar? Thought not! Remember – there’s no reason the right storage company can’t look after it as well as you!

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